10 Things I Love About Not Being Pregnant Anymore :)

Author's kids!

Author’s kids!

On Feb. 3rd, my husband and I welcomed our new baby daughter, Aletheia Leigh, into our lives. We thank Jesus for the smooth delivery and happy baby. She is an absolute delight! And as the photos show, her siblings are quite taken with her.

During my recovery, I’ve also rediscovered other daily delights long forgotten during the nine-month incubation period. So without further ado, here are my top ten favorite things about being post-pregnant. Enjoy!

10) People stop viewing you like a ticking time bomb. I know, I know. Everyone’s just excited about the baby. I, too, stalk my pregnant friends’ facebook pages for news as due dates approach. But even so, it’s nice not to have to repeat your due date (again) or feel like people expect your water to break any minute.

9) You can fit behind the steering wheel again! Oh, the places you’ll go… like to the pediatrician’s office!

8) You can lie on your back without feeling like you’ve got a watermelon on your stomach. You can even take a deep breath while doing so, too! Ahhhhhhhh. 🙂

7) You can fit into your (maternity) clothes again! Some ladies might not be so excited about this one. But if you carry like I do (see Buddha for reference) and hardly anything could cover the bottom quarter of your gut for the last month of pregnancy, you’re happy not to feel a draft anymore.

6) You can go longer than 2 or 3 hours between potty breaks! Whoo hoo! This is living, folks!

5) Your whole reflection fits in a single mirror. No more choosing between belly or face shots. Then again, I have small mirrors in my house…

4) You can put your shoes on and see what you’re doing! Hello again, toes!

3) You can wrap a single towel around your body – and it works! No need for elaboration.

2) Labor is OVER. Done with. Complete. Finito. And you never, ever, ever, have to give birth to that same child again. Promise.

1) You get to hold your baby on the outside – and let others share the joy :). 

Well, back to my book-writing. Thanks for reading!


One response to “10 Things I Love About Not Being Pregnant Anymore :)

  1. All very good reasons. I was very pregnant one summer in Florida and the heat nearly killed me. My husband would put me in a tube and I would just float around the pool. I was miserable. All worth it in the end, but every time a friend is pregnant, I’m thankful that it’s not me. Great post!

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