Dr. Hickerup

After battling a stubborn case of hiccups, Billy turns to the quirky (yet brilliant) Dr. Hickerup for a cure. Once inside the doctor’s office, Billy begins a medical quest to discover which of the five hallway doors holds the answer to his hiccuping problem. Along the way, Billy meets a playful giraffe, tea-drinking monsters, and four pretty peacocks.

Join Billy and Dr. Hickerup as they discover which door holds the cure!

Step inside! We're going to get you well!

Billy got the hiccups on one dull and dreary day.

And try although he might, they simply would not go away.

The hiccups made poor Billy bleat like some sad, sickly goat.

Passersby would stare and pry, “You’ve got frogs in that throat?”

When the hiccups grew so mighty that the boy could barely stand,

Bill went to Dr. Hickerup, the hiccup healing man.

The Doc was famous in the town for all his fancy cures.

Eccentric, yes, but patients found he’d heal their ails for sure.

I have one final cure...Billy  stood upon his toes to reach and ring the doorbell.

“Step inside,” the doc replied. “We’re going  to get you well.

“Are you allergic?” asked the Doc. The boy then hiccuped, “Nope.”

 “Great,” said  Dr. Hickerup as he grabbed the stethoscope.

“HICCUP!” the sad, sick child hicked before the Doc could start.

He  listened to the young boy’s chest and sighed, “You’re off the chart.”

“What shall I do?” poor Billy cried. “Well now, are you insured?”

“I think I am,” the lad replied. “Then soon you shall be cured!”

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Dr. Hickerup: The Hiccup Healing Man

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